Dietitian Services

Young child sitting

The dietitian offers a family centered, nutrition and dietetic service to children and their parents/carers and families which includes individual consultations to discuss eating concerns, nutritional needs, assessment and ongoing support to achieve goals.

Given many families have children with sensitivity to numerous foods the dietitians role also includes professional advice on healthy eating for infants, children and their families including food selection, shopping, cooking, and recipe ideas/modification, food label reading and budgeting.

The Dietitian works within Kalparrin’s team of Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Psychologists and Specialist Teachers and collaborates with this team to ensure supports to families are holistic and cognisant of the full range of supports being offered to each family.

Group programs are also offered for parents/carers covering healthy eating for toddlers and preschoolers, and fussy/selective eating solutions, and ‘Play Picnics’ which provide positive sensory experiences with food for groups of 8-10 children. ‘Play Picnics’ offer a fun interactive food therapy program for small groups of children and their parents/carers with the aim of providing positive sensory experiences with food including touching, tasting, smelling and playing with food.

Parents report that following support from the dietitian, their confidence increases regarding their child’s eating and nutritional intake and mealtimes are more relaxed and positive with their children.

The Dietitian works closely with the family to develop and support specific goals, a constantly revised plan of action and ongoing reviews.

Click here to contact Kalparrin’s Dietitian Kathryn Toohey.