Parent Support Programs

Mother and child play with bubbles

Kalparrin is a major provider of a wide range of parent networking and peer support programs.

Kalparrin also provides specialised psychologist and social worker supports just for parents and carers.

Kalparrin’s can refer parents to a local networking and peer support programs called ‘My Time’ program for mums and dads, a program that runs through the financial support of the Parenting Research Centre and the Australian Government. ‘MyTime’ was specifically developed for parents and carers of a child with a disability or chronic medical condition. ‘My Time’ group can be found at the ‘My Time’ website at

Our other primary parent support program is Kalparrin’s very own ‘Dads Can’ Program which are run just for dads. This Program were recognised by the Victorian State Government at the 2014/15 Early Years Awards. Dad’s Can is run by a father associated with Kalparrin. For details on how to connect with the Dad’s Can Network simply call Kalparrin on 9435 8311.

Kalparrin’s specialised psychologist and social worker offer individual/family psychologist consultations to parents and families to help develop understanding and coping skills for managing personal concerns, anxiety, depression, family stress and life changes. Click here to contact Kalparrin’s Psychologist Teigan Leonard.