Our Organisation

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Kalparrin is a highly personable organisation, which focuses on developing caring and supportive relationships.

Founded by mothers of children with disabilities and developmental delays Kalparrin has never lost sight of the reason it was formed and has over the years built a service which offers exceptional outcomes, outstanding services and continuous innovation.

Its highly qualified and experienced staff constantly goes beyond the ‘call of duty’ to meet the needs of the families they serve.

Kalparrin is staffed with a diverse team of allied health and early childhood professionals all of whom carry qualifications as either Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Dieticians or Psychologists. A qualified and experienced management and administration team oversees the day to day operations of the organisation.

The organisation’s governance is overseen by a voluntary, yet highly experienced Board of 7 members.

Our operation is funded through fees from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, through other government funding sources; through philanthropic organisations, community service organisations and numerous grants programs. Most importantly Kalparrin is a not for profit organisation and all of our operating surpluses go back into the growth and improvement of our diverse programs and services

With 42 years experience in supporting families in Melbourne’s North East region, Kalparrin is proudly considered a leading provider in the early childhood intervention and family support services and is deeply committed to its Mission, Vision and Values as detailed below.

Our Mission

We provide exceptional services and care for children and young people, their families and communities.

Our Vision

Empowering incredible kids.

Our Values


We value honesty, sincerity and fairness in all we say and do.


We value setting high standards and doing our best.


We value working together to achieve optimal outcomes.