How Can The NDIS Support My Child?


The changes represented by the NDIS will be significant but they represent good news for the majority of users, who will likely benefit from increased funding and support.

Children and families currently receiving early childhood intervention support in Victoria will automatically be eligible for funding under the NDIS. Children and families who are yet to access early childhood intervention support will as of June 2016 apply directly to the NDIS and be assessed for eligibility.

Organisations like Kalparrin will no longer be funded by government to provide their services. Instead the funding will be given directly to people with a disability and their families via annually agreed packages determined with NDIS employed planners.

This means that your child and family will then be able to purchase the supports and services they need from recognised service organisations like Kalparrin.

These services and supports will have a NDIS recommended cost and will be purchased in line with the NDIS agreed plan established between the person with a disability, their family and an NDIS planner who is responsible for developing the funding package relevant to your needs. This process is the same wherever people with disabilities are in Australia.

Kalparrin’s services will only improve and expand under the NDIS.

Kalparrin is fully equipped and staffed to continue to meet the needs of families requiring early childhood intervention services under the NDIS.

Most importantly Kalparrin will be available to families to assist with the NDIS planners meeting and provide guidance in determining the most appropriate plan of supports for each family. This guidance will help to ensure adequate funding, effective supports, therapy and services, capable of producing the best result for the child and family.

For detailed information visit the federal government website: