Family Support Services

Family Support Services cover a wide range of supports and services offered by Kalparrin to families.

These services are coordinated through a Key Worker (each of whom is a trained therapist) whose role it is to be the main point of contact between the family and Kalparrin. Keyworking is a funded support in NDIS Participant Plans.


The KeyWorker helps parents and families to assess their circumstances, assists families to achieve their goals, helps determine a plan to support their child, links them with relevant therapies and services, helps build independence and empower family decision making and helps families navigate the significant complexities of the health and disability systems.

Other Family Support Services provided by Kalparrin include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with Kinder, Pre-School and School Transition Programs and formal Cognitive Developmental Assessments (provided by our Psychologists). Kalparrin offers considerable expertise in this area through its highly qualified and experienced staff and can assist with advice and support with navigating the entry into and preparation for kinder, preschool, and school environments. It also offers pre-entry cognitive developmental assessments Autism/Cognitive Assessment Information and support and guidance to child care workers, support workers and school teachers.
  • Community Networking, where Kalparrin plays a major role networking with a wide range of community groups, government organisations and other early year’s service providers in order to advance its objectives and optimise the supports for families in their communities.
  • Advocacy Services, which are provided to families by Kalparrin’s Key Workers and Therapists who will assist families to obtain any outcome they may be struggling to obtain, from external sources, services and government departments.