How is ECI Funded?

Kalparrin NewsletterEarly Childhood Intervention and Allied Health services for children in Victoria is currently funded through a range of state government and federal government programs.

Kalparrin’s current region in the northeast of Melbourne has now rolled into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the majority of families accessing our services do so through the benefit of NDIS funding. At a Federal Government level, funding is available to some families in early childhood intervention services through two programs known as HCWA (Helping Children With Autism) and Better Start both of which are sourced from the Department of Social Services. All the other programs of Kalparrin are self funded through grants, the support of philanthropic organisations, and the generosity of community organisations and sponsors.

As Kalparrin is a not for profit organisation all of its funding is directed towards the provision of services to children and families.

Funding is also available through Medicare Rebates, and Centrelink can be sourced for Carer allowances.

Eligibility for these programs is clarified in significant detail in the Funding Sources for your Child section of this website.